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Apex 185B Paire de Micro Condensateur - Noir/Chrome

Apex 185B Paire de Micro Condensateur - Noir/Chrome

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Apex 185B Paire de Micro Condensateur - Noir/Chrome

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One of the most versatile microphones in any engineers' toolkit, the matched pair of Apex185B multi-pattern pencil condensers are perfect for any application where perfect stereo imaging is required.

Ideal for use tight on drum kits and cymbals (when using the cardioid capsules), overhead on drum kits (when using the omnidirectional capsules) on acoustic guitars, stringed instruments, acoustic pianos, ambient vocals and brass or woodwind sections.

The cardioid capsules are generally used for live sound reinforcement or recording applications where wide dynamic range and good off-axis rejection is required. The omnidirectional capsules can be used in the studio or for live recording where off-axis rejection isn't an issue, and the engineer wants to limit proximity effect or needs a wider non-directional pickup pattern.

The Apex185B has two switches on the microphone body. The -10dB pad switch allows the engineer to reduce the microphone's output when close miking high sound pressure souces like brass and woodwind instruments or when using the Apex185B on drums or percussion instruments. The low-frequency roll-off switch allows the user to reduce low frequency 'clutter' in the audio signal at the source, making for cleaner recorded tracks with increased presence and definition.

The matched pair of Apex185B come with IMC-9 shockmount cradles to better isolate the capsules when using the microphones for most delicate recording or live sound reinforcement applications.


  • Pencil Condenser Microphones (Matched Pair)
  • Cardioid and Omnidirectional Polar Patterns
  • -10dB Pad & Low Frequency Roll-Off Switches